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Stranger grabbed me when I didn’t respond to harassment

Guy coming out of Green’s with a case of beer started harassing me as I walked by, telling me I look good. I ignored him so he started following me. I continued to ignore him, so he got in front of me and grabbed my arm. I pulled away, falling into traffic and screamed at … Continued

He asked me about his dick.

This man on the train asked me about his penis. I told him to stop speaking to me. He kept talking and asking me why I had an attitude. A man on the train sitting behind me asked him to leave me alone. He spoke to me again. I told him to shut the fuck … Continued

Steak n’ Shake

These guys in Steak ‘n Shake just took a picture of me and smirked. They keep staring. [got_back]

Walking to the gas station

Walking to the gas station across the street, I was cat called at least 5 times. Some were from passing cars, others were people standing around on the side of the road. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Masquerade

I was 19 & went with my roommate & my friend, 16 to a show at masquerade. As we were leaving, A man was sitting in his car, staring at the three of us and began making crude remarks. I made my youngest friend go in the middle of us and I was the one … Continued


I have a middle aged gentleman staring at my chest in a restaurant, and I’m not sure about verbal harassment because he only spoke to me once and not in English, but the watching has been going on for ten minutes now. Awkward. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Lemme braid that for you.”

Walking down the road to the bus stop at 9am. I’m braiding my hair as I walk because I didn’t have time to do it at home. Traffic on the road is at a standstill since it’s rush hour. A male from his car tells me “I see you braiding your hair. I can see … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: I’m in love

I was walking and a man followed me for two blocks from the other side of the street, shouting “I’m in love” every few seconds at the top of his lungs and grinning at me. [got_back]


11th of December, two men whistling at me from their window in Brown dorm as I walked home with a friend. [got_back]

Rail Trail Creeper

Creepy guy on rail trail tried to proposition me saying “suck dick for 20” while on my way home from work. [got_back]