Creep on the Red Line

I was up in the ATL visiting some friends for my 19th birthday in 2014, and I lived in Atlanta for 3 years, I know how bad traffic is, especially to get from downtown by CNN to north springs, so I took the MARTA. Well, living in atl in my high school years, taking the MARTA to and from school every day, getting harassed every day, I learned how to say “sorry, I don’t speak English” in 3 languages with convincing accents, which was usually enough to deter the worst of the harassment, but it didn’t work this time around. Some total creepo sat down directly across from me in one of the end seats where they make an L sort of shape. He was blatantly staring and my chest and my tightly CROSSED legs and kept trying to “compliment” my baby-tee college shirt which was a hand-me-down from a good friend of mine, who was not as large in the chest as I am. I replied politely “desolé, je ne parle pas anglés” which is french for “sorry, I don’t speak English”, and this obviously uneducated ass said “huh” so I responded, with a heavy french accent “no English” and he said “no speak english, huh?” With an extremely creepy grin and facial expression. I continued to ignore his stares because I just didn’t have the energy for confrontation at that time, and the train slightly jolted as it normally does, and he exaggerated nearly falling onto me, and he says ((mind you, my legs are still crossed at this point)) “when the train lurched just then, I nearly fell between your legs”. At this point, I was angry enough to punch him in his stupid grin, so I just glared at him and moved to an area of the car where a group of women had just got on were sitting. The creep kept staring at me and even followed me onto the yellow line, which was thankfully packed just enough for me to keep away from him and he not see where I got off at.