Menstruate for Justice

As if all of this crazy legislation could not get any worse for Georgians, Representative Bobby Franklin decided this attack on Women’s bodies just wasn’t enough! His proposed legislation would call for a criminal investigation into all miscarriages to check for any sign the woman may have done something to cause it, i.e. intentionally induced an abortion. This legislation eerily mirrors that of the proposal to change victim to accuser in GA rape trials where women are seeking legal retribution for rape and sexual assault. In both cases, the woman’s body is put on trial where she faces blame and criminalization for her assault or miscarriage.

In response to Franklin’s misogynist proposal, several feminist activists have devised a solution! If a woman can become a criminal as a result of a miscarriage, what about menstruation? Those unfertilized eggs are potential human beings and American citizens! How dare us menstruate! According to Devery Doleman from blog Tiger Beatdown:
“The event is happening inside me which would seem to indicate that this particular human, aka ME!,
no matter what happens, no matter what I eat, breathe, say or do, is deeply, deeply involved! The
killer is calling from inside the house! What is happening to me every month that I am not pregnant?
Is it a ‘miscarriage’? Or a MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE?”

In order to point out the ridiculousness of Franklin’s proposal, Doleman calls for all who menstruate to send Franklin evidence of their used tampons and pads. Although sending physical bloody tampons is not advised, mailing photographs documenting the evidence of our menses will suffice. Jill Fillipovic of blog Feministe has kindly provided a form letter to attach with the photographs. I think this is a truly radical move and sends a powerful message to these sexist policy makers that we will not stand for their attempts at taking control over our bodies. I hope that all of you menstruating folks out there will seriously consider mailing Bobby Franklin. I guarantee he will not see this coming!

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