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September 23, 2015

Creep on the Red Line

I was up in the ATL visiting some friends for my 19th birthday in 2014, and I lived in Atlanta for 3 years, I know how bad traffic is, especially to get from downtown by CNN to north springs, so I took the MARTA. Well, living in atl in my high school years, taking the MARTA to and from school every day, getting harassed every day, I learned how to…
Virginia Highland
September 23, 2015

Stranger grabbed me when I didn’t…

Guy coming out of Green's with a case of beer started harassing me as I walked by, telling me I look good. I ignored him so he started following me. I continued to ignore him, so he got in front of me and grabbed my arm. I pulled away, falling into traffic and screamed at him to stop following me. He laughed and walked on. I waited until he was…
Five Points
August 21, 2015

He asked me about his dick.

This man on the train asked me about his penis. I told him to stop speaking to me. He kept talking and asking me why I had an attitude. A man on the train sitting behind me asked him to leave me alone. He spoke to me again. I told him to shut the fuck up. I got off the train and got onto the airport bound train. When the…


Hollaback with War on Women!

This Thursday, October 25th Hollaback Atlanta is proud to have War on  Women play at our relaunch and re-boost party.  A mere $5 at the door will get any person of any age into Charis Books and More for our loudest party. So please come get our backs and get ready to get loud! When: Thursday, October … Continued

Anti-Street Harassment Week 2012

Yesterday began International Anti-Street Harassment Week! See what other communities are doing and get involved at Meet Us on the Street! Visit where there is more to read and do at Stop Street Harassment!   Here are some of the amazing things other Hollabackers are doing this week: Hollaback! Croatia will write an op-ed and … Continued

Hollaback Atl and V-Day SCAD Atlanta

Come meet Atlanta Hollaback!  We’ll be at SCAD’s V-day presentation of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.”  While you’re at it, you’ll be supporting a couple of great organizations and Atlanta Hollaback will be hosting a table where you can submit harassment stories on site.   March 1st-3rd, 8pm Event Space 4C V-day SCAD Atlanta joins … Continued